Consulting Services

In addition to our Distribution Network, And Now Global offers results-driven consulting services. We love to roll our sleeves and get to work with our clients. Services include:

  • Series Development
    • Concept development
    • Creation of pitch tools (one-sheets, pitch decks & bibles)
    • Outreach & connecting producers/creators with buyers
  • International Sales & Acquisitions
    • Sourcing targeted content for international distributors
    • Providing Canadian sales support to international partners
    • Providing International sales support to producers
    • Regional sales strategies for North America, Europe, Africa & Asia
  • Rights Management
    • Broadcast & Distribution contract reviews (business terms only)
    • Diagnostic of contracts to check rights & avails (mid-to-large size producers only)
  • Broadcast Media Coaching
    • One-on-one training for new creators & producers (development)
    • International Sales Coaching (including Formats & Co-productions)
  • Grant Applications
    • Building strong applications (Canada only)
  • Event Programming & Management
    • Speaking & moderating at events (markets, festivals, conferences)
    • Sourcing expert talent to participate at events
    • Organizing panels (structuring educational-driven conversations)
    • General event marketing & management services
  • Workshops (See Global VID Academy)
    1. Packaging your Pitch (8-hour workshop on the art of pitching)
    2. Intro to International Distribution, Formats & Co-Productions (4-hour workshop)
    3. Prepping for Markets & Festivals (3-hour workshop on maximizing your efforts)
    4. Shorter & custom-made events available upon request