Welcome to our new website!

Hi Everyone, what a whirlwind it has been in the 2.5 years working through this pandemic. When it all started, we were hoping it would last 2 weeks or mere months, only to find out time and time again that lockdowns would continue. Finally in June of this year (2022), I attended my first market at the Banff World Media Festival and everyone took off their masks, including me… so I was rewarded with, you guessed it, COVID! Nevertheless, it was great to be back and I now I can’t wait to get into action again at MIPCOM in Cannes this October 2022.

So how did we adapt through these past couple of years? While trying to avoid that overused word “pivot”, we created an all new arm to our company, focused on education, called the Global VID Academy. What first started as a mere podcast to stay in touch with international colleagues has expanded into a full-on workshop brand that we want to continue. As I kept working through 2020 and then 2021 like a mouse going round & round in its wheel, I knew I had to make an even more drastic change to our business model for 2022. So I decided to double down on what was working best: media consulting & educational workshops. So in came new clients this year like CMPA-BC, Trembling Void Studios and Dr. Wendy Ross (creator of the unscripted IP “No Limits”) to name just a few.

The ONE BIG important lesson from these past two years is to always remain flexible and allow your business to grow naturally. While a business plan sets the original mission & vision of the company, these plans also have to be revised annually based on the marketplace… and subsequently I also learned not to let my ego do the driving (a recipe to spin your own wheels). At the end of the day, we are in business to serve, not to solidify our own imagined identities. Thanks to all those that been a part of our change including new clients, new prospects, podcast guests and viewers! And welcome to the all-new And Now Global website!

– Eric

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