It’s Not A Straight Line!

When it comes to connecting with an audience, whether through a story, presentation or comedy set, one key ingredient is vulnerability. Recently, I had the opportunity to share my own vulnerable moments in Jordan Harding’s inspiring career podcast, ‘It’s Not a Straight Line.’ During the episode, I reflected on my personal journey and how IContinue reading “It’s Not A Straight Line!”

Unlocking the Secrets of TV & Streaming Analytics

I’m thrilled to announce that Season 3 of Global VID is now up and running! After two years of lockdown, it felt amazing to be out in the real world again in 2022 – exploring the Banff World Media Festival, visiting family in Toronto, and attending MIPCOM in France. That year was also full ofContinue reading “Unlocking the Secrets of TV & Streaming Analytics”

Eric interviewed on NOUVA podcast

What a treat! Since I got into producing the Global VID Podcast, a few opportunities have come up to be a guest on other shows. Earlier this month, it was the friendly folks at NOUVA based in Honduras that invited me to talk about distribution & development. The focus was mostly on development and theContinue reading “Eric interviewed on NOUVA podcast”

Welcome to our new website!

Hi Everyone, what a whirlwind it has been in the 2.5 years working through this pandemic. When it all started, we were hoping it would last 2 weeks or mere months, only to find out time and time again that lockdowns would continue. Finally in June of this year (2022), I attended my first marketContinue reading “Welcome to our new website!”