All New Podcast Episodes

Before I share our 3 latest Global VID episodes, I want to share one of the best piece of advice I read when I started my company 5 years ago via the Tim Ferris book The 4-Hour Work Week. Now… let’s be real, the 4-hour work week is a myth, even for Tim Ferris who must be busy beyond belief. Yet, one such piece of advice from that book (to make work more effiicient) that stuck with me to this day is to batch your work as much as possible. As creatives, this is not always “fun” to do but it sure makes life more efficient. So back in December, I knew 2023 woudl be busy so I went on a mission to record as many podcast episodes as possible and managed to record five. Compare that to my non-batching 2023 efforts where I have only managed to record 3 more episodes. See why batching your work is so important? The good news is that I still have 4 more recordings in my pocket that will be launched slowly but surely in the coming weeks (but it’s time to batch my efforts all over again)!

So here are our 3 latest Global VID episodes since we relaunched Season 3 on February 7th. The first two are popular repeat guests Dave Noll of Chopped (who shares insights from his upcoming book The Visionary In Charge), Sophie Ferron of Media Ranch (she shares some great TV format tips & gives us an update on the industry) and Mark Olmsted who has a really captivating story on how he turned his life around after he spiraled into a life of crime. He wrote a book about it called Ink From the Pen: A Prison Memoir and generously shared his life story with us.

Prefer audio podcasts? So do we. Find Global VID on your favorite podcasting app!

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